My Reaction to React

EDIT: Some people were rightly complaining about the code snippets being screen captures rather than <code> blocks. I’ve updated accordingly. Also, many have rightfully commented that the code in this post is not realistic and if used in a production environment would be nightmarish for maintainers and likely even for scalability. I didn’t clearly articulate […]

Virtual Pair Programming

I recently experienced a new (to me) approach to pair programming. Given a set of user stories, my teammate and I were ready to begin coding the core domain library for a project. The problem: we are located about 500 miles apart. Our solution: Jitsi and Git. With the solution created and the projects defined […]


Processes are defined by the activities that must be completed in order to achieve the goal of the process. When talking about process we need to know the parties involved, the “Who” in the “who, what, when, where, why and how”. There are several roles that participate in an Enterprise Software Product Management process. An […]

Why Is Process Important?

For enterprise software management, process is important because having a documented way of doing things enables adding new team members more efficiently and provides a mechanism for improvement. Process is important to the business as well as to the engineering team. What is “Process”? Process describes what needs to be done, not how┬áit is done. […]